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See the Future in the Rearview Mirror

How many times have we all said “If I had only known,” or “If I had it to do over,”. I’m sure we all have said it more than once. The truth is if we knew then what we know now we would all be millionaires today. That’s right, if we could go back and correct all our mistakes we would definitely be much better off today than we are.

Years ago I had the opportunity to buy land for a mere $5.00 an acre and in all my wisdom I turned it down laughing at the whole idea. Why would I want that overgrown property? Well, today that $5 dollar an acre property contains more than a dozen prime businesses that are worth several million dollars.

I also had the opportunity to invest in real estate when property was selling for low prices. However, my little mind could not see the big picture. All I thought of was the problems and headaches of being a landlord. Again, I laughed and walked away.

It wasn’t until much later that my mind began to open up and I could see the benefits in real estate. I then went into real estate and soon became a broker and opened an office of my own. I had seen the light.

A few years ago people who invested in real estate were able to earn high profits from their purchases and exchanges. The real estate business is still a viable and lucrative business, but that is not the intent of this article.

It is also not the intent of this article to point and laugh at our past stupidity. It is our intent to point out the fact that we all learn from our mistakes. Now it is time to turn those mistakes into a benefit to ourselves.

We need to look back on our mistakes and analyze them. Then figure out what we should have done and how we can make that mistake profitable in our present day venture. If we cannot learn from our past mistakes then where will our future be. Our future is actually dependent on whether or not we have learned from the past.

Just what are some of the mistakes we have in our past to learn from? Each of us have our own stories to tell. We all have some sort of input that we could share with someone else.

However, if we try to share that knowledge with the younger generation we are probably going to be bumping heads with another person who has yet to make their own mistakes. It is a sure bet that we are not going to teach the younger people anything from our mistakes. They need to learn from their own mistakes. We cannot do it for them.

We need to sit down and analyze our past and figure out what went wrong. Why we did what we did. Or maybe I should say why we didn’t do what we should have done.

I didn’t buy that $5 an acre property for a couple of reasons which I thought were good reasons at the time. For one, that property was once a burning spot for the local garbage dump. Located just outside of town. Who on earth would want to own an old garbage dump?

As it turned out, the town was growing in that direction and within a 2 year time span the land began to climb in value. Second reason I didn’t buy was simply because I could not see using my drinking and partying money for such a cause.

I also started a demolition business and then a construction business. Both of which were with different partners. I also became involved in the real estate rental business. All of these businesses made money, but they were capable of making more money.

The point to my stories of businesses is that there are lessons to be learned from any and everything we do. Take those lessons and apply them to the future.

As the title of this article states, SEE THE FUTURE IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR. That is right, if we look behind us we can see where we should have gone. From there it is up to us to find the mistake we made and correct it.

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